Guide to Solid Cologne


Everyone is familiar with the classic cologne bottle, some weird-shaped bottle with an exotic-sounding name. It has its time and place, but not the easiest to take around town as life happens.

You either need to spend upwards of $100 on a quality spray cologne, or go with a cheaper option that normally loses its scent within the first hour... 

If you have important meetings at work, or looking forward to social drinks, you can't have a cologne that will fade in potency...

We have a solution to that problem - Crips & Co solid cologne. Something to keep you feeling fresh and confident the whole day. 

1-click and you’ll stay fresh everywhere, all day. Stylish and convenient.

The best thing about Crips & Co cologne is you can take it anywhere and it will last longer than most spray colognes at the same price point - typically 5-6 hours.

Put it in a gym bag to freshen up during, or after a session. Keep in your jacket pocket at formal events.

Keen to get away? You can even take Crips & Co in your hand luggage safely. 

For those who haven’t used solid cologne before, you might be thinking - what exactly is it?

Below we have complied common questions and thoughts around those new to solid cologne, so you can get a better idea if it's right for you. 

How is Solid Cologne Made

Rather than using alcohol, solid colognes are usually made from a natural wax like beeswax or shea butter as the medium for the fragrance.

We have teamed up with some of Australia’s best fragrance makers who have used a complex blend of botanicals and other ingredients to perfect our cologne’s scent profile.

In our Signature scent there is over 10 ingredients that make up it's scent profile! 

During this process, it's critical to find the balance between a strong scent profile, whilst ensuring the cologne will feel easy to rub into your skin. 

How Long Does Solid Cologne Last

Most solid colognes typically last somewhere between 4-6 hours.

This is much better than cheap aftershaves, but it won’t have the typical scent projection of a high-end spray cologne.

Because the wax cologne is rubbed onto your skin it can be smelt for longer than alcohol based colognes, and due to its portability can be re-applied throughout the day.

If you apply a large amount it can last even up to 10 hours!

How is Solid Cologne Applied

It's best to swirl your fingers over the cologne then gently rub onto your skin, usually at the pulse points such as the neck or wrist.

By using these warm areas, the scent is activated throughout the day and also starts to subtly blend with your own natural musk.

When applying a small amount you can use two fingers to rub on top of the cologne in a circular motion, until you have enough to apply.

When applying more liberally you can take a small piece to cover top of your finger, then apply around the neck and wrists.

Is It Safe on Skin (You Bet It Is)

Crips & Co solid cologne is safe to use on the skin - it won't leave your skin feeling dry. This is because we make our colognes from essential oils and beeswax, which is soothing for the skin.

Apart from being a great moisturiser, beeswax is also known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. 

In contrast, spray colognes have a high percentage of alcohol as a main ingredient.

When you apply this to your skin it can dry it out. For people with sensitive skin, oftentimes they can't even use a spray cologne because of its drying impact.

You can be rest assured that there is not any harmful chemicals in Crips & Co solid cologne - oftentimes there are 'hidden chemicals' not listed in spray colognes.  

Our cologne is most definitely safe for skin. 

Benefits of Solid Cologne 

  • Portable - can be taken anywhere.

  • Discreet - can be applied anywhere, with little fuss. 

  • Long Lasting - 5-6 hours is how long our scent will last for. 

  • Skin Safe - our beeswax base won't hurt your skin. 

  • 30 Day Guarantee - we know buying cologne online can be difficult, so if you purchase your cologne and aren't satisfied just get in touch for a refund or exchange. 

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask via our chat on the website or send us a message on Instagram.

If you want to try a sample cologne, please click here